Google Pixel Adaptive Charging may no need an alarm

Reportedly, Google updated the Adaptive Charging with a status notification and a one-time off button recently. Now according to the new report, the Pixel smartphone maker may updated Pixel Adaptive Charging to no longer require an alarm to work.

This feature concern is to bring long-term battery life by preventing any damage or anything. Also, it helps to reach a 100% charge until you wake up. Your Pixel will hold at 80% and use your morning alarm to determine when to go all the way so it’s ready before you unplug.

In starting the Pixel Adaptive charging was scheduled for 5 am and later it was upgraded to 3 am but now as per the fresh report from the 9To5Google, this feature holds the better 80% with Adaptive Charging and full by 7 AM.

This new step could let Google enable Adaptive Charging for those that have different sleep schedules, as well as those that don’t use their Pixel for alarms.

Pixel Adaptive Charging may no need an alarm

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