Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite expanded to six European countries

As we all know that Apple’s Satellite Emergency feature was launched in the US and Canada in November last year and that feature is only supported in four models iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The service was expanded to France, Germany, Ireland and the UK in December 2022.

According to the latest report, Apple just announced that it is expanding its iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via Satellite feature to six countries in Europe. Those six countries are Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Portugal. If you are an iPhone user and live in any of these six countries and want this service to start in your iPhone 14 (14 Plus/Pro/Pro Max), then first you will need to update the iOS 16’s latest version.

Let us tell you that if you buy any model of the iPhone 14 series, then Apple’s Satellite Emergency SOS facility comes free for 2 years. And a two-year trial period begins today for users in the newly supported countries.

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