Google Search results brings About this author and ‘Perspectives section

Google is now adding two more important carousels – About this author and Perspectives. The details come before International Fact-Checking Day (April 2) via 9To5Google. The company also expanding the About this result to “all languages where Search is available in the coming days.” Once you click on the three-dot overflow menu next to results will show a site’s description.

Meanwhile, once you search for any organization (available globally in English), the About this page information will automatically appear at the top of the results. The site description will be available and also you will be able to check what others on the web have said about a site and any recent coverage of it.

Google is also adding About this author to About this result, starting with Search results in English globally. …readers will be able to find more information about the background and experience of the voices we surface on Google Search.


Google Perspectives carousel to “showcase insights from a range of journalists, experts, and other relevant voices on the topic you’re searching for. It will be available below the top stories. This feature will give you a variety of noteworthy voices on a news topic, complementing the trustworthy reporting you already find on Search to help broaden your understanding.

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