On Android tablets and foldables, Google will allow you to open notes side by side

Google Keep on Android tablets and foldables will soon allow you to open notes side by side after the dual pane redesign.

There may be a simpler approach to accessing this second instance of Google Keep. The overflow menu in the actions bar will display “Open in new window” when you long-press on a note from the main feed to open it in a new window on the right. The left half then lets you open and interact with two notes at the same time.

Having two windows open side-by-side enables better insight into your notes and gives you more ways to work with, display, and organize your content across Google Workspace.

As new features for large screens are continually added, Keep is quickly becoming one of the best tablet and foldable apps from Google.

Google Keep side-by-side

In a similar vein, Google Slides and Sheets for Android will fully support mice. In the previous app, you could click, drag, and hover over unselected rows and columns to change their sizes. This functionality was added to the Google Docs app last year to match the web.

Over the next few weeks, Google Keep’s mouse capabilities and multi-instance note support will be available.

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