God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus (NG+) update goes live

Today the latest New Game Plus (NG+) update has been released for God of War Ragnarök. The free New Game Plus update includes new equipment such as the Black Bear Armor known from the game’s opening sequence. Which is now only equipped at the start of a new run. You can check the complete details which are mentioned below.

The update offers other additions, including:

  • New choices with color combinations and styles for 13 of the existing armors
  • All level 9 gear can now be further upgraded with a new level cap
  • New spells to equip, but also negative bonuses that can create new challenges as a burden
  • New skill development paths
  • An extension of the training arena in Niflheim
  • Adjusted boss fights and improved enemies
  • The new black-and-white rendering mode adds a cinematic twist


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