Google Pixel Tablet comes at FCC with UWB connectivity

The much-anticipated Google Pixel Tablet has been submitted to the FCC for approval, indicating that, like the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, it will have ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity.

Any wireless device must pass through several regulatory agencies worldwide, including the FCC in the United States before it can be sold. A new Made by Google gadget turned up in the FCC’s data set with the model number GTU8P.

UWB connectivity

The location “Settings > About > Regulatory labels” in a document that explains where to find the required FCC e-label corresponds to this being an Android device. In addition, only three connection standards are listed for the new Google product: UWB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi In light of the absence of cell availability, we accept that GTU8P should be the Google Pixel Tablet.

In addition to being a positive indication that the Pixel Tablet is getting closer to a retail launch – keep an eye on Google I/O! – This is our first confirmation that the device with the large screen supports UWB connectivity. Up until this point, UWB has mostly been used on the Pixel series to make it possible to use one’s phone as a digital car key, which would be difficult on a bulky tablet.

Instead, Google may beGoogle is preparing the Pixel Tablet to work with Android’s in-progress “Tap to Transfer” system, similar to how the Apple ecosystem can “hand-off” media to a HomePod. In a similar vein, there are indications that a forthcoming Nest speaker should also include UWB hardware. It is not yet clear whether the Pixel Tablet’s UWB support would be used for either sending signals (such as when you tap the tablet to the phone to Cast music) or receiving signals (such as when you tap the tablet to the speaker).

Pixel Tablet

UWB should also be a part of Google’s upcoming Finder Network, which will be used to find lost gadgets and items with greater precision.

On the other hand, the Pixel Tablet’s FCC listing provides few concrete details about the device, but it strongly suggests that it will launch in the coming weeks or months.

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