Google Wallet’s new useful features and Navigation bar in Android

Nowadays, loyalty cards and payback are commonplace, but we rarely consider them unless the clerk at the store points them out to us. Naturally, you can do this much more intelligently, for example, by setting up automatic reminders on your smartphone. With Android 14, Google will probably bring that back.

XDA claims that the most recent source codes indicate that Google Wallet once more provides us with the option to display customer cards (loyalty cards) based on our location. This isn’t exactly new; it used to be part of Wallet before it became Google Pay and then Wallet once more.

The best loyalty cards are automatically suggested by the app:

Google Wallet can always recommend the right loyalty card to you based on this feature whenever the phone detects that you are in the appropriate store or very close. Similarly to this, whenever we visit a store, Google Maps now asks for reviews.

By no means have all of the questions and specifics been clarified. Additionally, we do not yet know if this feature will be available in Google Wallet and is dependent on Android 14. These questions are currently unanswered, but preliminary responses may be provided at Google I/O 2023 in May.

Not a new feature, but one that will be greatly missed for old wallet hands:

Until now, you must manually search for stored customer cards in Google Wallet. That may therefore be a thing of the past, and in all honesty, We have come to expect it from smartphones these days. Let us see when we receive responses to this.

Up to this point, Google Wallet has not been completely prepared for German clients since its return the year before. Additionally, this may alter in the future.

Navigation bar in Android

The Android navigation bar has been colored by apps for years, which causes a small issue. This might be less perceptible today than it used to be because it’s an exceptionally level bar with little level, yet clients have been requesting one more choice for a long time.

Navigation bar in Android

Google now appears to have listened. As is the case with the start screen, for instance, Android 14 is likely to provide an option that makes the navigation bar in apps always transparent.

The new option does not appear to move forward in the settings, according to XDA, and it is initially hidden in the developer options. Therefore, it is probably only interesting to those who truly value the bar’s constant transparency.

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