Rumor Google Pixel 7a could have Face Unlock support

The Google Pixel 7a rumor has been intensifying as the mid-range phone gets near to release. As per the latest report, the Pixel 7a will become the Pixel series first which has Face Unlock. First-time Pixel 4 introduced the Face Unlock feature and after some years it was discontinued.

In addition, even though there were a lot of indications that Google planned to introduce Face Unlock to the Pixel 6 series. The Pixel 7a ought to have an under-display sensor as well, and the most recent updated images show that it has a different method of unlocking. New(blurry) affirmed picture of the Pixel 7a shared by leaker Snoopy Tech shows a portion of the phone’s menus, with options for Face and Unique finger impression Open.

If these images are accurate, this will be the cheapest Pixel phone with Face Unlock. Having said that, the Pixel 6 series has already taken us down this path before.

Previous to the Pixel 7a going on sale, Google still has a chance to remove this feature. The Face Unlock feature on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro probably works in the same way. The dual-pixel nature of the Front-facing camera on those phones better ensures that the phone sees a 3D face and not something like a 2D picture of the user.

Pixel 7a Face Unlock

As per the 9to5 Google this week that the Pixel 7a should be available in stores on May 11 and the price of the phone maybe $499.

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