Apple update iPads will lose iPadOS 17 support

Our first rumor of what iPhones and iPads would lose support for with iOS 17 iPadOS 17 at the beginning of April.

It came from a mysterious Twitter that has accurately expected insights regarding Apple programming refreshes before. The initial rumor is now confirmed by iPhoneSoft’s report that it has received confirmation regarding iPadOS 17 compatibility from an Apple source.

Basically, at the end of 2021, iPhoneoft accurately expected that Apple would drop support for the first-gen iPhone SE and iPhone6s with iOS 16.

However, iPhoneSoft accurately predicted iOS 13 and iOS 14 compatibility in advance.

iPads losing iPadOS 17 compatibility:

Here are the three iPads that are supposed to be cut off by iPadOS 17:

  • iPad 5th gen
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro 1st gen
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st gen

iPads with iPadOS 17 compatibility

The iPads are said to remain compatible with iPad 17 listing below:

  • iPad Air 3rd gen and later
  • iPad 6th gen and later
  • iPad mini 5th gen and later
  • iPad Pro 2017 and later

Previous iPads typically do not support all of the most recent capabilities and features that come with the most recent software, even though iPads manufactured after 2017 should be compatible with iPadOS 17.

ios 17

Lastly, another leak stated that all iPhones that can run iOS 16 will be able to run iOS 17, while the first rumor was that three iPhones would lose support for iOS 17. In the coming weeks, we know more about this.

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