Samsung’s major oversight regarding smartphone cameras

Both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 Ultra have a total of 200MP. With regards to the number of Pixels, Samsung is at the front. Samsung is now clearly the only company doing this.

Initially, it was as yet a benchmark for 2023. however, the tide changed within half a month. Instead of increasing the number of megapixels, all of the competitors have chosen to use a larger image sensor. The 1″ picture sensor from Sony is especially well known in China, and makers, for example, Xiaomi is now involving it in two smartphone generations.

Samsung relies more on pixel binning and has a rather small 1/1.3-inch image sensor. Experts and insiders criticize despite the lack of apparent benefits.

Samsung has drawbacks in Software and Hardware

Samsung now faces one or more issues like software may still be able to make improvements, be the child was one in the well. Also, the Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t change much, at least not significantly. The distinction between the cameras could be even more clear in 2024.

The main camera’s variable aperture is just one of many cool features. However, the 13 Pro’s floating was impressive because the zoom camera allows for a powerful macro mode while also bringing objects closer. For Samsung to be able to keep up with the very best, it may have to rely on hardware from third parties. Similar to what happened this year with the Galaxy S23 series’ chipset, the full switch to Qualcomm was a big win for performance, battery life, and customer reputation.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Finally, for Samsung to be able to keep up and it may have to rely on hardware from third parties.

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