Tesla’s EV sales made new records, more than 4 million units globally

After the introduction of the Model 3 and the Model Y, reports in foreign media suggest that Tesla’s overall sales are also rising as a result of the continuous increase in production.

The global sales of electric vehicles, as per the foreign media, have surpassed 4 million, marking a new milestone. Based on Tesla’s quarterly data on electric vehicle production and delivery, foreign media reported that Tesla has sold more than 4 million vehicles worldwide. Tesla has not yet reported relevant news.

In the report, foreign media stated that Tesla’s exponential growth may be even more shocking when compared to the sales of more than 4 million electric vehicles since its founding, particularly in th past three years, when many manufacturers have been affected by the epidemic, chips, etc. During the period when numerous automakers are impacted by horrible factors, for example, the courage and chip deficiencies, it was a time of quick improvement for Tesla.

In the 12 quarter of the previous year, their conveyances kept on developing year-on-year in 11 quarters, and just A quarter-on-quarter decline because of the effect of the epidemic. Foreign media believe that if Tesla’s production can maintain an annual growth rate of 50%, it will be a few years later, even though Tesla’s current sales volume is still far behind that of Volkswagen, and other major automakers, whose annual sales total nearly 10 million vehicles.

Tesla Model Y New Color

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