Apple poached Masimo executive to steal pulse oximeter tech

Back in 2013, Apple contacted Medical tech company Masimo and was interested in working with it. Apple hired Masimo’s CMO, Dr. Michael O’Reilly and CTO Marcelo Lamego.

Then Apple offered them Millions of Dollars and made the salary 2x to persuade them to steal the patents and bring tech to Apple Watch. In 2020, Masimo filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of stealing trade secrets and infringing 10 patents that were used in the NEW O2 sensor Apple debuted with Watch 6.

That attempt failed, but in 2023, a court ruled that Apple had indeed infringed one of the ten patents. Lamego was only at Apple for 6 months, but he filed 12 patents at that time and was named as an inventor on several future Apple patents.

He worked on the same kind of sensor at Apple that he had worked on at Masimo. The court’s final ruling will come next month and if found guilty, Apple will have to pay ~ 2 Billion Dollars for patents credits to Masimo.

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