Galaxy Watch 5 bring new features via temperature sensor

Last week, Samsung brought the temperature-based menstrual cycle tracking feature to the Galaxy Watch 5 series. This feature in Watch powers the temperature sensor fitted on the back. It looks like the 2022 released Samsung watch will get new features soon. From a recent update, Samsung revealed that they planning to add more sensors on the watch’s back.

Currently don’t know when this feature will release but it depends on factors like service policies. They also delaying the release of this feature because of some approval on health-tracking functions. As per the update, we can’t estimate when this feature will roll out and in which month.

The moderator comment that how they will include this feature with the temperature sensor so they explain that they discuss related departments so now they give feedback and work on its development.

Some Galaxy Watch’s features won’t utilize with full potential

  • The Galaxy Watch 5 series is equipped with an infrared-based temperature sensor.
  • The menstrual cycle tracking won’t be useful for everyone. Users can’t measure their body temperature through this sensor.
  • Like its sensor, its ECG also not utilize often. In some selected markets there only its health-tracking feature work. Maybe all these features need some regulatory approvals.

Lastly, we hope that sooner we will use the Galaxy Watch sensor feature to its full potential.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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