Google Files received Material You redesign and Google TV rollout storage and performance improvements

We first reported on the app’s upcoming redesign in early March, after which we discovered that the main goal of the redesign was to add a dual-pane layout for tablets.

In the new UI dynamic colors now also apply to the page footer, various components such as lists have been converted into containers with rounded corners, and the logo in the top bar has been replaced with a search bar.

Google started rolling out the new design to a narrow range of users a couple of weeks ago, and today enabled it for everyone from the server side.

Google TV is rolling out some pretty big storage and performance improvements!

Here’s a summary:

Storage: App Hibernation automatically hibernates apps not used in >30 days. Hibernation is an AOSP Android 12 feature that revokes permissions, stops notifications, and cleans up temp files.

In addition, hibernated apps also take up less space (up to 25% less), as Google TV will install an “archived APK” that strips the installed app down while retaining app data. This only works with TV apps that use Android App Bundles, which starts this month and is now a requirement.

Performance: Reduced the time it takes to wake up, the response time of your TV responding to button clicks on your remote, and the amount of time you see the loading animation when rebooting.

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