AI won’t substitute of human writers

The Writers Guild of America is on strike to save their position. Due to some issues, the network can’t fulfill writers’ demands so it may use AI in place of writers.

“Our proposal is that we not be required to adapt something that’s output by AI, and that the output of an AI not be considered writers’ work,” comedy writer Adam Conover told TechCrunch. “That doesn’t entirely exclude that technology from the production process, but it does mean that our working conditions wouldn’t be undermined by AI.”

Some others refuse this proposal like the Alliance of Motion and Picture and Television Producers(AMPTP) and are ready to discuss the advances in technology.

“When we first put [the proposal] in, we thought we were covering our bases you know, some of our members are worried about this, the area is moving quickly, we should get ahead of it,” Conover said. “We didn’t think it’d be a contentious issue because the fact of the matter is, the current state of the text-generation technology is completely incapable of writing any work that could be used in a production.”

The Algorithm uses ChatGPT AI tools not only for amusing people but they understand the dataset and generate the output as per the request. Furthermore, as per  Ben Zhao a University of Chicago professor and faculty guide of the anti-mimicry tool Glaze, it may be possible the preference of using AI to decrease human efforts.

“It’s to the advantage of the studios and bigger corporations to basically over-claim ChatGPT’s abilities, so they can, in negotiations at least, undermine and minimize the role of human creatives,” Zhao told TechCrunch. “I’m not sure how many people at these larger companies actually believe what they’re saying.”

If we suppose to use AI tools for work it makes fast but can’t give quality work as compared to humans. The probability of supporting this technology by the writer is very low.

“It says to me that they’re only concerned with things being made,” Travis said. “They’re not concerned with people being paid for things being made.”

Lastly, It’s the first time this kind of strike occurs since the 100-day action in 2007. Conover said to discuss AI technology it’s not a good idea. The studio also does not consider the AI request.

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