Android Automotive OS Material You design coming soon

Google’s working to bring Material Design to Android Automotive OS, but unlike on phones, colors will be chosen by the OEM instead of derived by an algorithm.

According to new documentation published by Google, OEMs will be able to designate “design tokens” that represent the “small, repeated design decisions that make up a design system’s visual style and replace static values with self-explanatory names.”

These graphics show how Material Design on Android Automotive will work. Apps compile a static library that loads customized token values from a shared library. OEMs can optionally create Runtime Resource Overlays (RROs) targeting this shared library.

OEMs can create RROs targeting the shared library that are enabled in different scenarios, such as for different models in a line or for different drive modes. That way, the UI of any apps that retrieve token values from the shared library can be updated dynamically.

Full documentation on OEM Design Tokens, ie. Material Design for Android Automotive OS can be found on this page.

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