Gmail getting Blue verified checkmarks

Google declared that Gmail received Blue verified checkmarks. In this, blue checkmarks select senders’ names on Gmail which verify their identity.

When an organization includes Brand Indicators for Message Identification(BIMI) feature this new blue checkmark then it automatically shows next to companies name. This feature launched in 2021, in this they need the sender’s authentic and verified brand logo to show a brand logo in terms of avatar in emails.

Now, with this feature users can see the checkmark icon of those senders who adopted the BIMI feature. This helps users to identify fake or authentic senders. When you hover over the blue checkmark next to a sender’s name then a message displays that the sender of the email has verified.

This feature also helps the email security system to stop spam emails. Through this, they establish a better email system. This Blue checkmark comes in past months’ updates and it happened more when Elon Musk offered verification.

Recently, Twitter officially remove the Blue checkmarks feature but saying this was an issue got it back. If users check their bio they will see the change. This kind of verification checkmark is not only present on Twitter but also present in YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms too.

Gmail's Blue verified checkmarks

In March Meta took the Paid verification marks from Musk and LinkedIn also recently brought this feature.

At Last, now Gmail launching the verified checkmarks and you will see this in Workspace accounts and personal Google accounts too.

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