For Workspace accounts Google Bard AI now available

This February Google brought the Bard AI tool which brings AI experience to people. Now Google makes available Bard AI to Workspace accounts. When this tool launched it can’t accessible by the Workspace account users.

The company won’t expect that this AI can’t support the Workspace users. If it supports in starting days of this tool then it quite helpful to Workspace users like generating some documents and more.

Now this AI tool is ready to use for Workspace accounts. Recently, Google explains that to make it accessible they make some changelog. Bard AI needs to enable for Workspace domain for use and only those who will enable it which are consumer accounts.

Access for Google Workspace accounts

  • What: Google Workspace admins can now enable Bard for their domains, allowing their users to access Bard using their Workspace accounts.

  • Why: You can now use Bard to help with work, research, or other business needs, when signed into your administrator-enabled Google Workspace account.

In addition, the company described that the Bard AI setting will launch in the coming days below Early access apps.

Bard AI settings

At last, currently, in this setting, only Bard AI product is available and more will add later.

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