On Android foldables apps still big issue

Android phones have a big bug issue which concludes by Google in its latest Pixel Fold in its ex works. This issue relates to the apps like how apps going to display on large foldable screens.

This creates issues between the apps and the system’s settings and overall affects the phone’s performance. When the user rotates the device or phone set itself as the rotate orientation option there this bug disturbs the apps displaying function.

Android Foldables

Other leaks show this issue lying in the tablet form very long. In Samsung you won’t see this problem they let users force the app to display in different forms.

One of the most annoying parts about using most Android tablets or foldables is being forced to flip the device over because an app doesn’t support landscape mode.

Maybe in Android tablets, this issue is not effective that much, but this issue affects daily work and needs to be solved.

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