Android TV and Google TV apps receive a new design language [Gallery]

In 2014 Android TV introduced that time on the platform several apps using the same design language but after a period of time, they just became unavailable. For app developers to fast develop apps for Android TV OS which gives apps new designs. A new set of design guidelines was introduced by Google for app developers for Android TV OS.

These guidelines give app developer references for designing apps for the platform and important point:

  1. Cards
  2. Featured carousel
  3. Immersive lists
  4. List
  5. Navigation drawer
  6. tabbed interface
  7. Buttons

These new guidelines for app development are quite similar to Google TV’s homescreen. In this there are rounded cards and buttons, which easier to know and navigate the grid of content. For bringing this feature fast the company Compase for TV bring all the core elements.

Google TV and Android TV apps

Lastly, for using Android TV OS there is no need for this new design of the apps but getting a new look of apps is quite amazing.

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