Customizable lock screen clock style and Ultra HDR photos coming with Android 14

Android 14 will add customizable Lockscreen clock styles with multiple options to choose from along with customizable app shortcuts (Flashlight, Wallet, QR scanner, etc.) in the bottom corners. For example: you can have the time at the top, while the date and temperature are on the edges.

Note: It’s just a TEASER and is still in development inside Google. That’s why they showcased it using the standard DEMO MODE status bar.

Easy to manipulate so it hides personal info. E.g. they change mobile and WiFi signals to highest and battery to full. The same is easily done for the clock as the lock screen and status bar show a different time.

Ultra HDR photos are coming with Android 14

HDR image support is coming in Android 14 and will offer a more realistic look. This will be known as the “Ultra HDR” format, which is backward compatible with JPEG.

Pictures taken with it can be saved in the original 10-bit high dynamic range and might be the default format on both the built-in camera app and any in-app camera views. Google Photos will support Ultra HDR for display, backup, editing, sharing, and downloading.

The Android team is working with Qualcomm and others to optimize hardware capabilities, along with a collaboration with Chrome to make Ultra HDR available on other form factors.

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