Android 14 enables block phishing websites, Passkey security key

With the Android 14 system, Google enhances security protection and provides a safe ecosystem for users declared at the Google I/O 2023 conference. They bring the new API to Android 14 for stopping users to access dangerous websites and offering safe browsing.

Android 14 enhances safe browsing

  • In Android 14 along with safe browsing, they also included enhanced detection accuracy through AI.
  • When this secure enhancement starts using it blocks more than 25 % of phishing sites in a month.

Passkeys security keys

On all big platforms, Google offers the Passkey security keys last week. Currently, developers using this feature. Google also offers the Credential Manager Jetpack API, which integrates other authentication methods also.

They also bring a new API with the Android 14 system which allows developers to stop unauthorized services using their apps. This new API may stop apps and some services if not verified with Google Play Protect and authentic tools.

Android 14 security keys

At last, Android 14 will stop installing apps which versions before than 23 to prevent scams.

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