Android 14 save user tap when enter the PIN

Smartphones lock to save our phones’ data and from people who wouldn’t have good intentions. Now to make our phone’s security better Google brings PIN unlocking on Android which is more convenient and more secure.

Fingerprint, face unlock, pattern lock and pin are all for our phone’s security. From all these security option phone PIN lockings prefer more secure because it is hard to crack the PIN when it’s long changed often. With Android 14 beta 2, they allow users to enter the last two of their PIN and directly come to the Home screen and saving the user time.

In Android 14 DP2 this feature was first time introduced as Auto-confirm unlock but at that time it won’t work. As per the Mishaal Rahmaan post that with the Android 12 Beta 2, release Auto-confirm unlock work. For using this feature user need to send an ADB command.

In Android 14 Beta 2, they bring some changes to the lock screen interface like while typing the PIN, and with every keypress, dot shapes appear with different shapes like a triangle or more. They making this phone unlocking feature more convenient and attractive.

Android 14 Auto-confirm PIN

Finally, if you want to unlock your phone more securely then try the Enhanced PIN privacy toggle.

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