Google Photos will get new carousels soon

Google continuously work on the functionality of their applications and as well as app design. Most of the applications have the Mountain View colossus now this design comes to Google Photos. To make users more engaged they bring the Material 3 style animated carousel menu and users get a new experience while scrolling through the images.

Google Photos gets modified with a New  animated carousel

In this Mountain View all images do not show in the same size as you scroll it gets bigger and shrinks. They display in rounded sizes for large, rectangular size appearance for medium size and small show in pill in pill sizes.

In this feature, the Google team found that sometime small can’t look properly, adding the speed of the item has different than the content, and while scrolling some of the carousel snap into place to maintain the same layout.

At last, in the coming, they will enhance this feature more, and then users get a better experience.

Google Photos carousel

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