Pixel phones receive new ringtone influence by Kenny G

On May 10 Google released Pixel 7a now they planning to launch a new ringtone for this phone. This new ringtone is inspired by Kenny G with a saxophone. Whenever Google launches its phone it also brings a new ringtone to make it more attractive.

The ringtones of the Pixel 7 series are inspired by the Nature sounds for alarms, ringtones, and notifications. Users can get this ringtone for their phones through the Sounds app after the latest update.

On the Google server, there are several ringtones available you can download from there when you customize your phone. After the launch of the Pixel 7a, the Sound app version 3.1 is available on the Play Store for the Pixel 7a user. In this update user get new ringtones added.


Pixel 7a new ringtone

Additionally, you can find a direct solo-styled saxophonist Kenny G and it may be possible that it may be made by Kenny G. The company gives this ringtone the name Kenny Gingtone.

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