For Android Google Contacts launching birthday notifications

Wishing birthdays and anniversaries to our friends and family members on time is one of the very important tasks of our life. If there is a feature that notifies us of upcoming birthdays from our contact it will be helpful for us. Currently, Google Contacts launching birthday alerts and to add information they welcome people.

To set this feature in Google Contact you need to open the Highlights tab in Google Contacts and there you see Add birthdays along with For you section, here you can your birthdays to see them on your birthday calendar so it will notify you when the date is near.

Google Contacts Add Birthdays

Google Contacts Add Birthdays-1

In this Add Birthdays option with the cake icon you need to enter contacts and add their birthday month, day, and year. On the other hand, when this feature launched there user was able to open individual contact and head to the overflow menu, and an option will get Add birthday notifications.

Lastly, now in version 4.7.26.x, this feature won’t release globally yet.

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