Android Auto user complain about another issue

At Google I/O 2023, Google declared a new feature for Android Auto. Now, those users who are using Android Auto wirelessly are facing issues. With this feature, users don’t need to use cable, and very convenient for them.

In this users need a cable that supports the Android Auto function. In the Android Auto wireless mode, some users complain about the connection between the smartphone and their vehicle when Android Auto connected the first time to the car it shows a connection established but when the vehicle is turned off, the phone still shows reconnected and Android Auto won’t load. Sometimes connection reconnected when the phone restarted and also activation of Bluetooth and deactivation of the Bluetooth.

This issue occurs on some Pixel and Samsung devices. It shows this issue now appeared on a particular phone model or a support issue. Google did not recognize the cause of this issue. They currently collecting data about this from users who facing this through the Android Auto support forum.

Android Auto

Lastly, in the coming weeks, they will provide a fix for this problem.

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