Pixel Phones will soon as dashcams

In the car, the dashcam feature is very helpful what if you can use your smartphone as a dashcam in your car? Yes, you can do this with a Pixel phone with a Personal Safety update.

With this dashcam feature, you can record video and audio while driving your vehicle. When users set their Pixel phone to the correct place then they take recording files when any accident happens with their car. When this feature is out you can see a new Dashcam shortcut in the Be Prepared section of the homepage.

In addition, now with this feature, you can able to record videos and view your recent videos. When your phone is recording as a dashcam you can use it as it is before.

During dashcam recording, you can also use your for Google Maps navigating and you can lock yours also for battery saving. For starting recording you only need to connect to Bluetooth and disconnect to stop recording. The recording stays only three days in your phone storage automatically or you need to save it again.

Pixel Phone use as Dashcam

Lastly, this app compresses files at 30MB per minute and 24 hours its maximum limit.

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