Google showing join Android’s ads privacy beta

Privacy Sandbox Beta on Android 13 which launching on Google this February at present user query to join ads privacy beta. The company said that they expand Android as a more private way for apps to display ads.

With Privacy Sandbox company began to provide more user privacy-preserving advertising solutions which keep Google and the ad industry itself better.

About Privacy Sandbox offers

  1. Privacy Sandbox will evaluate what kind of ads users want and save that temporarily on the device.
  2. This feature releasing in this mid-Febriuary, and currently, users get prompted to choose.
  3. For setting this feature you need to go to the notifications and open the Privacy Sandbox page where you see the toggle. When you turned on you will see interests estimated by Android and see Apps that estimate interests. Most of the users are interested in the Arts & Entertainment, Local news, Dance, Movies, Outdoors, Real Estate, and more. This list helps the Privacy Sandbox APIs to show users their interested ads to them.
  4. Users can stop or block interest ads when they want, which is the same as the contributing apps.

Privacy Sandbox

At last, with this, you can personalize your ad preferences on Android 13 more easily.

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