Apple won’t let use employee ChatGPT, fear of leaks data

Recently, Apple stopped their employee from using OpenAI’s ChaGPT due to losing sensitive data details. As per The Wall Street Journal, they can not use GitHub’s AI programming assistant tool.

There is one report from the Bloomberg update Mark Gurman posted on Twitter that in Apple’s software list ChatGPT no longer for some time being. This kind of OpenAI stores all the data when the user and it interact. This data can be accessible by other methods.

One month ago, in OpenAI they brought a which enables users to turn off the chat history. This AI stored the chat for 30 days along with the choice to revisit them before deleting them permanently.

OpenAI ChatGPT

At last, this OpenAI ChatGPT assists users in enhancing code and suggesting ideas. Apple could think that employees will enter th details like sensitive data about projects while using this AI and it may leak.

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