Google Pixel 7a perform well in JerryRigEverything durability test

On May 10, Google released the Pixel 7a along with the Pixel Fold. This phone has a more price than the Pixel 6a but less than the Pixel 7. The material this phone is made of is all-plastic. Now, let us know about the durability of this phone in YouTuber Zack Nelson’s durability test.

The durability test of the Pixel 7a?

  1. Pixel 7a has metal side rails, detachable metal buttons, and a metal SIM tray, sufficient sealing to balance the IP67 water resistance of the device.
  2. With the lighter flame, this phone remains for 25 seconds and the OLED panel recovers fully.
  3. The camera is good it is made of metal and easy to scratch.
  4. If talking about its screen, it has Corning Gorilla Glass protection, then the keys and coin won’t affect it but the sand and other harder material does.
  5. On the back side of this when scratched with the razor blade it gets scratched.
  6. The company does great with the metal camera visor separate from the metallic frame of this phone.

Pixel 7a

At last, when you are budgeting the same as this phone then this phone is best for you.

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