Apple apply for xrProOS Trademark last Week via Shell Company

Before, the WWDC Apple regularly confidentially apply for trademarks related to its leaked AR/VR headset. In Argentina, Turkey, and Phillippines as per an online update, on May 18, Delaware-based shell company Deep Dive LLC submitted a trademark application for xrProOS stylized in Apple’s SF Pro font.

In starting of this month, in New Zealand, the same company requested an xrOS trademark in SF Pro. For xrProOS, Deep Dive LLC also applied in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK on May 18, but without SF Pro styling.

As per the report, on April 27, the first company applied for the trademark in Jamaica. Whenever future products of Apple apply for trademarks Jamaica is present, to maintain the privacy of the company the country minimizes a searchable online trademark database.

As per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s shared that Apple’s headset OS will be called xrOS, so it is still to be seen how the xrProOS name might fit into Apple’s plans. He also shared that Float Reality Pro is likely the name of Apple’s headset, and xrProOS will probably use as resemble the Pro branding as it is.

If we focus on the Reality One, Reality Processor, Optica, and Deep Screen these are before-reported trademark applications with potential ties to Apple’s headset, though this is still not sure if one of the names is used once.


At last, Apple anticipated the release of the AR/VR headset and related developer tools while the WWDC keynote will be on June 5 and will launch for all later.

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