With dual-column Pixel Tablet, Fold UI Google updates Recorder

At Google I/O 2023, they announced the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. Both devices will release in the upcoming months. Now, Google launching an update for the large screen, in this they update the Recorder.

Previously, the Recorder UI of the tablet was in landscape mode for phones. Now, with the update they bring two column layout for user saved recordings.

Now, in the bottom-right corner, you can see the large FAB. Before it display as centered but now it change. While seeing the recording, they display both waveform and transcript along with it.

Pixel Tablet dual-column

They shifted the Playback controls to the bottom corner. They also changed the editing button.

Lastly, this update is available in version 4.2.202304.27.530752515 on Play Store.

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