Google Play Games PC Beta support Win11/10 to Play Android phonegames

Google released the Play Games for PC Beta in some regions, now they are extending it to Europe and New Zealand. The company will add the beta to more regions later this year, recently Play Games for PC beta brought in 42 new countries.

Now, Google Play Games for PC supports over 100 titles, like Raising a Blade, Air Force 1945, and Kingdome of the Gingerbread Man. Later, they will include more games. For setting games users require at least a desktop or laptop that runs on Windows 10, an SSD with at least 10GB of available storage, at least an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU, 8GB of RAM, and at least a 4-core CPU.

In addition, users also require admin permission to the system for playing games and enable hardware virtualization. For Google Play Games for PC Controller grips are not accessible. The user needs a keyboard for playing this game.

Play Games for PC Beta

At Last, of the above mentioned games, all are not playable on Android devices some are playable on the PC beta.

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