In June, Google Home’s animated camera alerts on Wear OS launch

Last week, Google brought major modifications in Google Home for the Wear OS as animated camera notifications. This Google Home notification previews for Nest Camera and doorbell the company declared at the Google I/O. These features will need Wear OS System UI version 1.4.

Now, on version 1.1.80.x of the Pixel Watch, this feature is available and it is not the same as the Wear Core Services. This service is updated with the Wear OS by Google Smartwatch app from the Play Store.

As per 9to5Google, the company shared details with them that in June Google will release the Wear OS System UI 1.4 and it will fully available later in that month. For this feature users requested so long and in mid-April, Google declared this feature with the images.

On Android/iOS, a new lighting Controller come

New lighting controller

Updated lighting controller display at Google I/O 2023 in Google Home for Android and iOS devices. For this users need to version 3.1 of the smartphone app.

They bring some UI tweaks like adding a pill-shaped slider in place of the brightness arc. In this, a new sheet brings by the Light color FAB. They add a circular color picker in a new tab and the first tab displays a bar to control temperature.

New lighting controller-1

At last, above mentioned both features is ready for use in the Wear OS app and the coming weeks will be available on phone/tablet.

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