Google preparing to add a Thread network stack for Android

According to the latest report, Google is preparing to add a Thread network stack for Android, and it could become a modular system component (AKA Project Mainline module) as soon as the next release, ie. Android 15 Vanilla Ice Cream.

A “ThreadNetwork” repo was added to AOSP a few months back, though no code has been added to it yet. The code change listing the owners of the project described it as the “ThreadNetwork mainline project.”

The ThreadNetwork repo is now being added to the AOSP platform manifest. And a new PackageManager API is being added that apps can use to see if a particular device supports Thread (android.hardware.threadnetwork).

By making Android’s new Thread network stack part of Project Mainline, it would be more easily updatable through Google Play System Updates. Would also improve quality and interoperability.

Android’s Bluetooth, WiFi, and UWB stacks are already Mainline modules, and soon NFC will be too.

AFAIK, there aren’t yet any Android devices that support Thread. According to The Verge, not even the new Pixel Tablet supports it, which is disappointing.

Devices need radio hardware to support the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol that Thread is based on.

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