Google At a Glance will notify about your Uber ride status

Previously, we saw several features in Google’s At a Glance like notify doorbells, calendar events, and package delivery notifications. Now, Google brings a feature in Google’s At a Glance app, it will notify of the ridesharing status.

This new Ridesharing feature includes in the At a Glance setting list a new option to Show the status of your ride. Users can access this option from the Pixel Launcher. In Pixel Launcher it displays at the top and it will save without going into At a Glance app. As per 9to5Google, previously they checked the status of the car and how far they were from the destination position with Lyft and Uber. Right now, it’s not revealed yet how the new Rideshare work. In the coming weeks, they will update.

In At a Glance app users are already able to check the status of the food and package delivery with Food and household orders. Google also working on loud sound alerts and shortcuts to airport and other transit schedules.

Google's At a Glance ridestatus

At last, it this not clear when this feature available to all users, in the coming weeks Google will update.

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