Android 14 adds new public APIs

A few folks have asked Mishaal Rahman if Pixels will still get that “battery health” feature they spotted in the Android 13 QPR betas. While the feature was removed from the SettingsIntelligence app in Android 14 Beta 1, there’s a chance it could be brought back.

Android 14 adds new public APIs to get the battery charging cycle count and the battery charging status (normal, static threshold, adaptive threshold, always on power). There are also new system APIs to get the battery manufacturing date, date of first usage, and state of health (remaining estimated full charge capacity relative to the rated capacity in %).

Google implements these directly into Android’s Settings app so that any device (not just Pixel) that adds support for reporting this information to the OS will have this data readily available to users.

We think this would be a better solution than having a standalone, proprietary battery health app. OEMs/Google could still add to this by providing custom recommendations and charging/power management features.

There’s still time for this feature to make it into Android 14 since it wouldn’t involve tweaking any of the APIs. But it’s probably too late, and if they add it, it might be something we’ll see in Android 15.

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