Google Camera app stopped on Android 14 Beta 2.1

Android 14 beta 2.1 was recently released by Google, in this when the user tries to capture some photos then it stops working. When Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users want to click photos using Google Camera app then Android 14 Beta 2.1 not working.

Whenever a user tries to capture photos through the Google Camera app with Ultrawide-angled, the latest beta update Android 14 crashes. If the user tries to record through the camera app it still freezes and shows the message “Something went wrong”. Those users who participated in the beta program get the notification to download the 300MB patch for the Google Camera app. But after downloading this patch it won’t solve anything.

A Pixel 6a user complain that when using Google Camera app after updating with the latest beta it app got crashed. Last week, Google released a beta program for those users who participate in Android 14 Beta 2.1. It fixes bugs related to the Android system.

Google Camera app issue

At last, in the coming weeks, the company will bring the fix for the Google Camera app issue.

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