New Google Weather app design, combine with Google Clock

In early of this month Google brought some Material You changes in the Google Weather. In this new design, they include a pill-shaped search bar where location displays. We experience this new design Google Weather app appears on smartphones, and tablets, and is foldable. Now, this app must be used as a standalone app.

New design of Google Weather

In this new design of Google Weather, they included three top tabs Today, Tomorrow, and 10 Days through which you can get more details. Previously, in the design of Google Weather which is a part of the Google Search app user can place it on a homescreen. In the upcoming update of Google Weather, they make it a unique app where it can get separate updates.

The upcoming update for Google Weather is quite similar to the Wear OS app which can be detached from the Google experience. Now, we have the same app icon and it is also used for the watch app.

Due to the new package name mentioned below, we are supposing new changes in this app:

This package exists in the latest version of the Google Clock app (7.5) which will come soon as Local weather is on the clock. In this, they may include the temperature and conditions for cities as per the location. All detail may be shown as the Clock widgets on the homescreen.

Google Weather

Lastly, the Google Clock 7.5 app will come with many support like Clear Day, Drizzle, Flurries, Blizzard, Low visibility, heavy rain, and more.

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