Android 14 will get new battery health details feature

Google is introducing a new battery health feature, which offers battery details. This new feature comes to Android as the default feature and Android 14 is the first one which gets this feature.

The company trying to bring a feature in Android that provides more details about the phone’s battery. Now, they will introduce battery health details with this new feature, those devices which upgraded to an Android 14 will be able to use this feature.

Smartphone users want this kind of feature for a very long time which gives more details about the device’s battery. This battery’s new feature contains these details like how much of the original capacity is left, how many times the battery has been charged, and the general condition of the battery shared on Twitter by Mishaal Rehman.

Lastly,  Android users will know more about their device battery. This upcoming feature will help in users’ work and increase their work productivity.

Android 14

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