Google Bard includes location support for better local results

In June Google Bard bring more updates including support for precise locations so then it will provide suitable replies. With the recent update, Google Bard now comes with precise locations.

For this location feature Bard uses the user’s location from the Google Accounts, Work, and IP address. Usually, users save address details on their Google account by using the Google Maps app so it uses location from there. When Google Bard gets the user’s location then it gives users a more suitable precise location for example asks for the near coffee shop then it provides the coffee shop’s location.

Google Bard

It may look like what Google search work. For this user may need to give this app location permission. Google Bard saved user location where currently they are, in the Bard UI you can see the button at the bottom corner in the above images. When the user clicks on the Update location, it will enable to show you the precise location.

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