Emoji keyboard update on WhatsApp

In text messaging emoji play a very crucial role because it shows the sender and receiver emotions and feeling very well. With an emoji keyboard on WhatsApp users express their emotions in a better way. Now, WhatsApp working on enhancing its emoji keyboard for giving a better chat experience.

This April, WhatsApp first time displayed that they planning to modernize the emoji keyboard. The redesigned tabs for faster access to emojis, GIFs, and stickers, but there are still need improvements like the usual bar for the different emoji categories.

A recent update says that this bar returns an updated layout which is positioned at the bottom of the keyboard. With this redesigning of the emoji keyboard, WhatsApp will bring animated emojis. Later, they will enhance the layout of the media selection, and the navigation menu place also gets changed to the top.

WhatsApp emoji keyboard

Currently, the company working on this emoji keyboard in the coming weeks they will start beta testing for this.

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