Google Chat’s latest update streamlines conversation organization

Google Chat, the successor to Google Hangouts, has been continuously improving with new features and enhancements. Recently, the web version of Chat underwent a Material Design refresh in April, followed by the introduction of message quoting last month. Now, Google is announcing another update to the app that aims to improve the organization by hiding inactive chats and Spaces on the left-hand side of the screen.

In a blog post on the Workspace blog, Google explained that only direct messages and Spaces that have been inactive for a week will be hidden from the user’s view. However, these threads will still be easily accessible by tapping the More button.

It is important to note that this behavior will only be triggered when there are more than 10 conversations or Spaces. If you have fewer than 10 chats or Spaces on Google Chat, you may not even notice this feature has been rolled out. Additionally, Google clarified that pinned conversations will not be hidden. The goal is to provide users with quick and easy access to the chats that matter to them, rather than overwhelming the screen with an exhaustive list of names.

The uncluttered conversations view is expected to be available to all Workspace and personal Google account holders in the coming weeks. Google’s statement suggests that there are no toggles to enable or disable this feature, indicating that it will be accessible to everyone once the rollout is complete, estimated to be by mid-June.

With these updates, Google Chat is establishing its own identity and distinguishing itself from comparisons to Slack. Last October, Google incorporated one of Slack’s popular features, allowing users to create custom emoji. Furthermore, earlier this year, the Google Chat team made it easier for users to initiate new group chats, further solidifying its unique capabilities.

Google Chat continues to evolve, and these recent updates highlight the company’s commitment to enhancing user experience and optimizing conversation organization. As the rollout progresses, users can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient communication platform.


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