Google launching image generation in Slides, Duet AI for Gmail and Docs

Google is working on more features in the Workspace Labs. They bring new features to Gmail, Docs, and Slides with image generation.

Google this image generation in Slides feature announce for the Workspace users at I/O 2023 in May. This feature enables users to make custom backgrounds for presentations. In this, you will see the Help me visualize side panel to enter a prompt. More further, users can select photography, illustration, flat lay, background, clip art, or none.

In this, there is one tab that helps to generate 6-8 designs with the option of “View more.” Google shared this information with 9to5Google that this feature is released now to testers participating in this feature testing.

The company discloses that this feature is powered by Google’s image generation models, it also involves Imagen. We have already seen the Help me write tab in Gmail, and the company now working on its enhancements like it displays the name and date/times to whom users respond.

image generation in Slides

image generation in Slides-2

This feature will include automatically the smart chips and variables in Docs to create responses to remind users to add the name of the company in a job application.

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