Sergey Brin’s secret project: Developing a fleet of airships

Sergey Brin, who is a co-founder of Google now working on a project by investing in an airship manufacturing company. This company’s name is LTA Research & Exploration. LTA means Lighter Than Air, this company was founded in 2016. LTA soon launch its first airship, Pathfinder 1, and in the future, they will have more airships.

This airship was developed in a giant hangar in Mountain View California. As per the design, this airship is 122 meters long and 20 meters in diameter. It is quite similar to other airships, it has tapered tails at the front and back, it is white, has twelve propellers, and has a pod.

This airship has intricate carbon fiber tubes and titanium joints which make it stronger and lighter than traditional blimps. In addition, there are also 13 helium bladders inside to provide lift, and this helium will not burn. LTA plan to build a bigger airship in the future and Pathfinder 1 is the smaller version of that.

The is working on Pathfinder 1 and airships bigger in size are Pathfinder 2 and Pathfinder 3. LTA airships can carry passengers and cargo from several tons.

Pathfinder 1

The company will use these airships to transport heavy items when need situations like disaster and more. they also plan to build a more advanced airship and its name is the Stratocruiser which carries 100 passengers with lots of facilities like a swimming pool, restaurant and more.

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