Chrome passkeys 1Password releasing with latest beta

With passkeys, users can log in to several accounts on apps and sites without entering their important details. Now, Google releasing 1Password with the latest beta for the browser passkeys. For attackers to know complex passwords of online accounts, it’s not that difficult. To resolve this issue most of the organizations use passkeys.

Now, strengthen more protection while login on to the browser, here 1Password comes. It comes with the latest beta version and provides passkey support to certain websites. In this when the user goes to the new security form, 1Password saves the digital fingerprint for creating or updating a login. When the user needs to login again it will apply for a passkey and the user need to enter a password to autofill.

Currently, this feature is available in the 1Password beta version for the browser, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Chrome, and Safari. For using this users do not need to install the beta version they only just download the 1Password beta version and in Chrome it comes as a beta extension.

Know how to use passkeys with 1Password

When the 1Password extension is downloaded it notifies that the website user using that passkeys support is included. Now you can log in with the 1Password feature follow the below steps:

  1. Head to the website you want to create a passkey for.
  2. Log in and head to that website’s settings.
  3. Look for the passkeys section and hit add or something similar.
  4. Open the 1Password extension and let it update that account’s entry with a passkey.


Lastly, it may be possible these above steps will be different for different websites.

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