Nest Cam, reducing video quality with washed out colors

With the newly enhanced companion app, Google’s new Nest Cam products are now better. Now, with the new update of the Nest Cam, the video quality with washed-out colors and more. Recently, some of the Nest Cam users have seen the video quality on their cameras is not good.

In this video quality, they noticed that Nest Cam video feeds losing a lot of their dynamic range and showing very washed out, you can see the video quality in the below images. Users complain about Google support and Reddit. This issue occurs on the Nest Cam’s version 16.7. This version is releasing now.

This issue does not come in the Nest Cam software version 1.65 but when it is upgraded automatically then this issue occurs. Users do not know how to fix this issue, some even try for factory rest it won’t help them. Where the actual cause exists no one knows yet like the cause of the battery, Nest Cam with Floodlight, or more.

Nest Cam update

Lastly, the company did not explain yet what the cause is and when it will solve. We are hoping that soon they bring the fix to this issue.

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