You can now root the Google Pixel Watch

In recent news, XDA Developers has shared a detailed guide on how to root the Google Pixel Watch. While the process provides users with advanced customization and control over their smartwatch, it is important to note that it requires a Special Debug Adapter. This adapter is exclusively distributed by Google through invitation only, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and security to the rooting process. Once equipped with the necessary hardware, the steps to root the Pixel Watch align closely with those used for rooting Android smartphones. This article aims to provide a professional and accurate account of the process involved.

Section 1: Understanding the Special Debug Adapter

The Special Debug Adapter is a critical component required to initiate the rooting process for the Google Pixel Watch. Distributed exclusively by Google, this adapter serves as a vital interface between the user’s computer and the smartwatch. It enables developers and enthusiasts to access the device’s firmware and modify system-level settings. Due to the restricted availability of this adapter, individuals can acquire it solely through an invitation from Google.

Section 2: Acquiring the Special Debug Adapter

To obtain the Special Debug Adapter, interested users must request an invitation from Google. The invitation-only distribution model ensures that the adapter reaches individuals who possess the requisite technical knowledge and expertise. The invitation process helps maintain a controlled ecosystem, minimizing the risk of misuse or unauthorized modifications to the Pixel Watch. Once the invitation is received and accepted, users can proceed with rooting their smartwatch.

Section 3: Rooting the Google Pixel Watch

After obtaining the Special Debug Adapter, users can begin the process of rooting their Google Pixel Watch. The steps involved are akin to those utilized for rooting Android smartphones. It is crucial to exercise caution during this process, as any missteps or errors could potentially lead to device malfunctions or data loss. We recommend following the instructions provided in the XDA Developers guide, ensuring meticulous adherence to each step.

Section 4: Installing Magisk on the Pixel Watch

Following the successful rooting of the Google Pixel Watch, users can proceed to install Magisk, a popular and powerful tool for managing root access. By installing Magisk, users gain greater control over system-level modifications and can leverage a wide range of customization options. The procedure for installing Magisk on the Pixel Watch mirrors that of Android smartphones, making it relatively familiar to users experienced in rooting Android devices.


Rooting the Google Pixel Watch provides users with enhanced control and customization possibilities, enabling them to unlock the full potential of their smartwatch. Although the process requires the acquisition of a Special Debug Adapter distributed exclusively by Google through invitation only, the resultant benefits make it a desirable option for enthusiasts and developers. It is crucial to approach the rooting process with caution and closely follow reputable guides, such as the one provided by XDA Developers, to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Rooting Process​

  1. Enable developer options on the watch by going to Settings > System > Contrions > Tap Build number a bunch
  2. Go into Developer options and enable ADB debugging
  3. Install the latest version of ADB and Fastboot tools on a computer
  4. Connect watch to computer using USB and allow permanent ADB debugging access on the watch
  5. Verify your access works by running
    adb devices
  6. Download the latest version of the appropriate (LTE or Bluetooth/WIFI) Google Pixel Watch firmware at the link below. Note that the latest version is at the bottom of the list (thanks Google)
  7. Verify the checksum of downloaded firmware using
  8. Unzip the downloaded zip and upload the boot.img file to the watch using
    adb push boot.img /sdcard/Download
  9. Install a file manager on the watch because it does not include one by default. We will need it to select the boot.img file the Magisk app. I used File Manager TV USB OTG Cloud from the Play Store
  10. Install the latest version of the Magisk APK from the Github link below on the watch by running
    adb install name-of-magisk.apk
  11. Launch the Magisk app, click Install, choose Select and Patch a File, then browse to the downloaded boot.img file
  12. Click Let’s Go and the magisk-patched boot image will be created in the Download folder
  13. Transfer the image back to your computer using
    adb pull /sdcard/Download/name-of-patched-image
  14. Run
    adb reboot bootloader

    to reboot the watch into Fastboot

  15. Verify the device shows up by using
    fastboot devices
  16. Unlock the bootloader of the watch using
    fastboot flashing unlock
  17. Confirm the message on the watch to unlock and wipe the device
  18. Flash and boot the newly created Magisk image using
    adb flash boot name-of-patched-image.img
  19. Select Start in Fastboot to start the watch
  20. After waiting an extremely long time, the watch will hopefully start and will need to be setup again
  21. Reinstall the Magisk app using
    adb install name-of-magisk.apk
  22. Launch the app and it might prompt that it needs to restart the watch
  23. With the watch started and setup, start an adb shell by running
    adb shell
  24. Then, run su to escalate to root privilege. The shell should change symbols from $ to # and running

    should result in root


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