Android 14 Beta 3 causes fingerprint sensor malfunction on certain Pixel phones

Users considering the latest beta release of Android 14 should exercise caution as the update has rendered the fingerprint sensor inoperable for some Pixel owners.

The Android 14 Beta 3 update has led to a malfunction of the fingerprint sensor on select Pixel devices. Not only does the sensor fail to function, but Android itself fails to recognize its existence. As a result, any settings or user interface elements associated with the sensor have vanished, leaving users with no option but to unlock their devices using a PIN, password, or pattern. This issue also extends to applications like password managers that rely on the fingerprint sensor for authentication.

This problem has been observed on my own Pixel 6 Pro device, and similar reports have surfaced on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and a dedicated thread on Google’s Issue Tracker. At present, it appears that Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a devices are primarily affected, although this conclusion is based on current reports alone.

It is worth noting that not all users are experiencing this issue. For instance, my colleague Kyle Bradshaw’s Pixel 6 Pro remains unaffected. However, it is difficult to definitively rule out the impact on other Pixel devices, so we encourage readers to share their experiences in the comments section, including the model of their device and whether the fingerprint sensor is functioning correctly.

Regrettably, there is no apparent workaround for this problem, although it is possible that performing a factory reset or rolling back to a previous version of Android could potentially resolve the issue. It is worth mentioning that a similar issue was reported during the initial beta release of Android 14.

As is often the case with beta releases, this serves as a poignant reminder to refrain from installing them on your primary device, as they may exhibit unforeseen issues or bugs that can disrupt normal functionality.

Source 1/2/3

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